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The Kitchen Sink

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Praise for Jono Manson and The Kitchen Sink

“The time I spent collaborating with and working alongside Jono Manson has helped me grow exponentially as an artist.  He is a talented fellow who is committed and utterly motivated to create, and beautify the sound waves of the world." Crystal Bowersox (Recording Artist / “American Idol” Season 9 Finalist)

“I've worked with Jono mastering many of his projects for over 15 years, and I know when he calls, the music, performance, and production will be at a high level. And he's fun to work and hang with. Whether it's his own music, or productions with Tao Seeger, John Popper, Jaime Michaels, or the many Italian artists he works with, he sets the bar high. I'm privileged to work with him and call him my friend.” David Glasser (Three-time Grammy Winner / Chief Engineer – Airshow Mastering)

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jono Manson and working with him since 1990 and it’s been a great association that’s yielded many dividends on both the creative side as well as the business end.  He’s so talented on a number of levels (many folks will tell you the same), and it never ceases to amaze me the level at which he continues to consistently create new work and the integrity which he puts into everything he does.” Eddie Gomez (Creative Director – Little Brother Music Publishing)

“Collaborating with Jono made for one of the most rewarding composer relationships of our careers.  As filmmakers, music can play a significant role in how the audience responds to a film, and Jono tapped right into the musical storytelling we envisioned.  Dreaming & planning about film music is one thing, but Jono blew us away in how he executed the work with musical precision and a willing flexibility of getting it right.  From our studio backgrounds to the indie films we’re making today, Jono embodies one of the coolest and most talented artists we know”.   De & Kevin Cooper (Amarok Productions)

“It's no secret that Jono Manson is a brilliant musician, with a long and storied career. What may be less known is that he's a top shelf engineer and producer who owns and operates one of the coolest studios in the Southwest. I'm working on my second album with Jono presently, and I couldn't be happier with his skills and efficiency behind the board. He works hard and fast and keeps morale high. His ears are sharp and his ideas fresh. He's generous and selfless, knowing when to steer and when to lay back. I consider myself lucky to get to work beside him.” David Berkeley (Recording Artist / Author)

“In 2013, for my sixth album. I worked with Jono Manson as producer, engineer and collaborator -- the best decision I've made in a long time. As a live performer I find studio recording really intimidating, but Jono very quickly made me at home at The Kitchen Sink, delighted with the sound, and completely in awe of his ability to effortlessly elicit and capture my best performance every time. It was all easy after that. Jono is a great artist on both sides of the microphone!” Daniel Boling (Recording Artist / Kerrville 2014 “New Folk” Winner)

“When it comes to musicianship, production, writing, jamming out lyrics and arranging my concepts into recorded songs, producing them, and mixing them down for final master, there is no one that I trust and enjoy working with more than, Jono Manson.” Gary Farmer (Musician / Actor “Dead Man”, “Smoke Signals”, “Powwow Highway”)

“Jono Manson is one of my favorite producers to work with. He serves the song when he produces, just like he does when he plays. Jono is always excited about what he is working on and it is infectious. He always has great ideas and energy. In addition to being extremely talented, he is a fun guy to be around ~ which makes the production process even more memorable and enjoyable” Jason Crosby (Keyboards / Violin - Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Roger Daltrey, Susan Tedeschi, etc.)  

“Jono is a professional.  In a world where professionals, especially the self-made, blaze their own trail kind are in rare evidence, run (or crawl) for the chance to work with him.  As a producer Jono's work ethic and broad ranging abilities will serve, as all true collaborators do, to make you look and sound better. He might even lend you a pair of red jeans.  Jono is a true blue, sweetheart of a guy whose depth and knowledge of musical possibilities run very deep.  He has honed his voice through the joy of expression, the streets of desperation and the knowledge of inspiration.”  Donald Rubinstein (Film Composer / Songwriter / Visual Artist)

"I have been working closely with Jono Manson since 2001.  In that time we have recorded and released 7 albums and are about to release our 8th collaboration.  Two of these albums won "album of the year" at the New Mexico Music Awards in 2011 and 2014 respectively.  In all this time I have found Jono to be the ultimate professional both as a producer and especially, as a studio engineer.  He has an enviable work ethic, total respect for his artists, a great ear for production and he knows his gear inside and out and makes the best use of it.  I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking either a producer or a studio." Jaime Michaels (Recording Artist)

“I had many options available to record and produce our third studio album, but decided very quickly on Kitchen Sink Studios and Jono. Jono has been gifted with musical ears. He hears things instantly and has enough experience to implement the subtlest of ideas while always serving the song. He made us feel so welcome, and that made our time in Santa Fe so special.” Jason Miller (J. Miller Band)

Praise for Tim Shmoyer:
Mastering with Engine70 Studios is great. Tim takes the time to get the sound you're looking for, and then makes it sound even better." Jack Burton vs David Lo Pan

"Tim is excellent. His mastering always feels like it's pulling a shroud off of the material and adding extra clarity without disturbing the core of the music, and his perspective as a fan/listener always makes for fun discussions in the control room. Plus, he's a great guy and makes a killer cup of coffee." Joey / Hadley's Hope Studio

"Based on a recommendation from a friend we had Tim at Engine70 Studios master our last two records “Kirtland” and “Black Beacon”. Together and apart we’ve been playing in bands over the last 15 years. We’ve had records mastered by some great engineers with an impressive discography and client base, but we’ve never had an engineer touch our music with such care, warmth and attention to detail before. We enjoyed Tim so much we asked him to join our band! Go with Engine70 on your mastering project and you’ll be happy you did."

"Are you considering having Tim engineer, mix and/or master your recording project? Well let me be the one to tell you DO IT. Tim has the two most important qualities in an engineer: The technical know-how to take vague, non-tech-speak-almost-bordering-on-sub-human expressions of an idea and, presto, turn it into the desired result. At least, that was my experience. You might actually know what you're talking about, in which case Tim is extra-more your man for the job.
The other quality Tim has is the ability to quickly read a person and figure out how to "handle" that person to keep the project moving and "get the best take". In my case, this meant putting up with my utter lack of preparation (I was literally finishing writing a song while standing in the isolation booth to do the vocal take -- the pencil scratching on paper could be heard through the headphones and Tim and my bandmate -- appropriately -- laughed at me) and patiently told me it was going to be alright, we got good stuff. And you know what? He was right. We were thrilled with the results. Dude knows how to get those big-ass rock sounds with minimal futzing and fussing.
And in the case you have your shit together, things will go swimmingly and you will also be happy with the results. That's the beatspermurphy guarantee!" Bryan Murphy / Harvester